Event Entertainment

Event Entertainment

Entertainment and Gifts at your Saskatchewan Event
by Corrina Rasmussen-Turner of Angry Monkey Cartoonz

Live Event Entertainer for All Ages

Event Caricatures of your guests make a unique, personal present for them to show off. Corrina has decades of experience taking faces from reality to the page, with a focus on portraits that bring out personality.

Unlike a balloon artist, magician, live band or other common event entertainment, a caricature artist provides a completely personalized artwork – while also being a fascinating experience to watch, participate in, or enjoy secondhand while appreciating your friends portraits for years to come. Corrina strives to provide an affordable service – and in hiring her at these spectacular rates, you’ll be supporting a local artist. 

Corrina loves to sit with people who anticipate that final drawing, and their smiles when they see it finished provide the energy that keeps her drawing for hours on end.


Each drawing will be delivered as a physical piece of art, a timeless reminder of the event.

Three Great Reasons to Hire a Caricature Artist

Here’s just a few reasons to include a caricature artist and their art in your next event, party, festival, or corporate function:
Unforgettable Experience 
An entertaining and engaging conversation with the artist makes this not just some boring time sitting around
Uniquely Personal
From hand drawn directly to your hand, a representation not just of your face, but your personality
A Wonderful Gift
As a physical item, traditional caricatures are a very special offering in an often purely digital world.

Booking all over Saskatchewan and beyond

I am including mileage fees for FREE
If lodging will be required, modest options will be billed, but all mileage fees for car travel around my home town of Saskatoon – including locations near Regina and Prince Albert – are mileage-free. Save hundreds of dollars on my dime!

All Ages Entertainment

Traditional Hand-Drawn Caricatures can be the centerpiece of all sorts of events. Here’s a list of events that are perfect for caricatures.

Personal Parties and Events

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profits may consider including a caricature artist for:

  • Fundraising
  • Church Events
  • Club Events
  • Political Events
  • Dry Grads, Prom
  • Elementary School Functions
  • High School Functions
  • Community Gathering

Businesses and Corporations

Caricature artists are ideal for Corporate Events and Commercial Gatherings such as:
  • Grand Opening
  • Work Anniversary
  • Team Building Office Party
  • Festival
  • Office Fundraiser
  • Christmas Party
  • Workshops
  • Conventions and Conferences
  • Golfing Event
  • Corporate Functions and Banquets
  • Trade Shows


Event Caricature

Party Favour, Entertainment, and Decor
$ 550 +PST
  • 4 Hours of Drawing Time
  • Guests who are drawn within the time limit will enjoy an 8.5x11 portrait in Black and White
  • Pay a deposit of $125 to book your date


Coverage for your entire event
$ 115 +PST
  • Price is per additional hour
  • Add Additional Hours as Required for $115+PST per hour up to 7 hours per day
  • BONUS: Hours After Midnight for no additional fee

Face Rate

For Events where the artist is a guest, not a paid entertainer
  • For festivals and events where the artist has NOT been booked for the Caricature Experience
    Where a charity is hoping to recoup some of the fee
  • 8.5x11 Portrait in Black and White
  • Each portrait can be included with others, or as an individual
  • Each person's portrait takes 3-5 minutes

Letterhead Fee

Add Your Event Logo or Company Information
$ 50 +PST
  • Guest caricature paper will be custom printed
  • Choose your logo and message in colour
  • Your logo or information will be tastefully included as part of the caricature art

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