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Cosplay Portraits
by Corrina Rasmussen-Turner
of AngryMonkey Cartoonz

Comic Convention Entertainment and Cosplay Portraits
by Corrina Rasmussen-Turner of AngryMonkey Cartoonz

Nerd Out with a fellow Fan

Did you come to con in your very best cosplay? Create a memory with a custom caricature of you as your favourite character. Corrina will capture your cosplay in black and white – but if you want a colour version, consider getting your outfits immortalized as Custom Art.

Didn’t have time to dress for the event? Corrina has a variety of body types that can become you with some of her genius and a few strokes of her pen. Try on your favourite costume without breaking a sweat: Superheroes, Princesses, and more.  

Check out the gallery to see tons more caricatures of superheroes, celebs and more!

Pop Culture
Old Hollywood

Create a Timeless Memory of your Costume

Corrina’s Custom Comic Con Caricatures (wow, that’s some alliteration!) are one of the highlights of the experience for attendees, especially the cosplay set. In fact, Corrina is an avid cosplayer herself – not to mention her many fandoms. Amid many comic convention vendors who sell you art that matches their personalities and fandoms – enjoy an affordable, personalized piece that matches yours.

A regular face at the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo, and the Regina Expo, Corrina has drawn thousands of faces – let her draw yours!

Face Rate at Comic-Cons

For Black and White Caricatures
  • 8.5x11 Portrait in Black and White
  • Each portrait can be included with others, or as an individual
  • Each person's portrait takes 3-5 minutes

Autographed Celebrity Caricatures

Getting caricatures signed by celebrities that she follows is one of her favourite things about Comic conventions. She’s been collecting signatures on caricatures of the stars for years, and every new one is a treasure – especially when the stars love the art.  Check out Corrina in her Red Queen and 13th Doctor cosplay – amazingly she can still draw in every cosplay she wears!

"Excellent Caricature Artist!"


Corrina was friendly and fun to speak with. Thanks for the awesome work!

Aaron Leblanc

Teenage boy with custom drawing of himself as a superhero
Satisfied customer with caricature of himself

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